Are you a free spirit seeking short-term casual employment across Australia?
    Get a kick start on your working holiday backpacking adventure with one
    of our Freestyle Australia packages. A great way to launch your big Aussie trip,
    our packages include accommodation, 12-months access to our jobs board
    (with heaps of casual jobs across Australia).
    The Australian Outback is synonymous with Adventure.
    We all have it on our bucket list but few have the chance to
    experience this multi-terrain and diversified wildlife landscape.
    The Outback is so vast that in some points you can see
    the curve of the earth.
  • WORK
    Take advantage of a fully arranged 6-month placement
    with highly limited and exclusive availability. Immerse yourself
    in the business world of Australia, meet great creative people,
    work alongside seasoned professionals, and develop your network.
  • FUN
    Have drinks in funky urban bars, explore the outback or join
    a surf party on the world’s best beaches. Fun is part of the
    adventure of living in Australia!


Explore Australia as a local. Working in Australia will allow you to experience how Aussies’ live, play, and get things done day to day.
If you’ve ever wondered about the Australian people or what life is like Down Under, here’s your chance to find out for yourself!

Fund your Fun

Add prestige to your resume and gain international experience while exploring the friendly “no worries” culture down under.

Earn and Learn

High-quality, paid internships in today's top fields with 3 to 6-month placements guaranteed in advance.

Hospitality Career Development

Get experience in your major field of study! We'll place you in 4 and 5 star hotels and resorts across Australia.

Current Available Jobs

Location is dependent on season, but we hire for Sydney and Melbourne all year round!

Freestyle for Free Spirits

Getting ready for a working holiday across Australia? We’ll provide you with local assistance & resources!

Enhance Your Trip

Make the most of your trip with our trusted travel tips, discount guides, and Aussie dictionary.


Can I travel during my program? What are the eligibility requirements? Can I sign up with a friend? How can I make the program more affordable? What are the types of jobs available? Find the answers to these common questions and more on our FAQ!



  • “This experience was absolutely amazing! The program gives a really good opportunity to go overseas and work. It is nice to know that once you get here you are not totally alone when you face either work issues or difficulties with the people you live with. Coming from Canada was quite a big thing and language was not a total issue, but sometimes it could be hard. Although everyone was bringing really good support, whether it was with talking over the phone, messages to give feedback or just to see that everything was okay or even postcard correspondence. It was absolutely great to feel like you are not just one random person that that you get personal support.”
  • “Working with AAG…It saved me time when coming to Australia, instead of waiting weeks and weeks to find a job. Using AAG helped me find a job right away. It was very quick and easy. Have a good idea of what you want to do when you get here and make sure you have fun and enjoy every moment!”
  • “I highly recommend using Alliance Abroad to come to Australia! I was VERY hesitant to go through this company at first because of the lack of reviews and information online. I wasn’t sure if the company would be a scam or not, but I took a chance and used them. I am SO glad I did this! I cannot say enough praises about AAG and how amazing my time in Sydney has been. I can say hands down this has been some of the best months of my life. I can’t say it enough – come to Australia with AAG – you won’t regret it!!”
  • “The biggest challenge I faced was getting a job in Australia. AAG kept sending my resume to hotels and restaurant across Australia, and they were also very encouraging during the job-hunting process. AAG did a very good job with getting me prepared for interviews with the Australian employers.”
  • “Hands down – the best experience of my life. I was fortunate enough to be placed in Coral Bay, Western Australia. A small tourist town remotely located in the northwest part of the state, boasting some of the best beaches and marine life interactions anywhere. The job I was selected for was reception at a caravan park, but there were times when I was asked to do housekeeping and other times where I was asked to be a deckie on a boat for a day. Swim with mantas? For a job?! Um, yes please! I was able to save money, and even plan a trip to Bali! I have no idea where I will be heading after my 6 months is over here, but I know it was the best decision I ever made to interview with this location.”
  • “I can genuinely say that I am so glad that I went through Alliance Abroad, I was guaranteed a job before I even came here, and to say I got [a job] in my field of preference…it’s an amazing program. Alliance Abroad is one of the very few that provide a paid internship and really helped me from the very, very beginning.”
  • “I’ve always wanted to come to Australia and this is the time of my life where I should be doing something like this. So, I decided, what the heck, and now I’m in Australia. Right now I’m working for a small business consultant company in which we help small companies bridge skills gaps and provide workshops that I get to be a part of and am actually able to provide my input. I love Melbourne. It is so pretty here. The people are great and so is the food…which is probably my favorite part!”
  • “Alliance Abroad is an incredible program. I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to find such an awesome job in Australia without them! Working at the Q Station Resort in Manly is intriguing, odd and fun all at the same time and I’ll always look back on this time in my life with a smile. The staff have been great and the experience unforgettable! Matt did an amazing job documenting his experience on Facebook. ”